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Driven by Dreams at Porsche Centre Nottingham

Driven by Dreams at Porsche Centre Nottingham


At Porsche Centre Nottingham, our showroom recently witnessed a moment that encapsulates the essence of our commitment to turning dreams into reality. After a remarkable journey spanning 28 years, we had the immense pleasure of delivering a stunning Porsche Taycan to Mr. Adiel Khan and his wife, marking a significant milestone in his lifelong passion for Porsche.

Adiel’s passion with the brand began as a 12-year-old paperboy, delivering newspapers to one of the earliest Porsche Centre Nottingham locations. It was during those early mornings that he formed a deep connection with the iconic Porsche 911 on display at our centre, igniting a lifelong aspiration.

After almost three decades of determination and unwavering passion, Adiel’s dream finally came true as he became the proud owner of a Porsche Taycan, the remarkable electric sports car that exemplifies the pinnacle of Porsche innovation. At Porsche Centre Nottingham, our mission goes beyond selling vehicles; as a dedicated team, we remain steadfast in our commitment to crafting exceptional moments for each of our customers.

To begin your Porsche journey, please contact us at the Centre by emailing info@porschenottingham.co.uk