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99X Formula E

Setting new benchmarks in motorsport – The 99X.


The Porsche development Team at Wiessach recently celebrated the world premiere of the 2023 Porsche 99X, with the third generation of electric cars, Porsche heads into a new era of Formula E.

The new Gen3 cars are the Lightest, fastest, and most powerful electric racing cars ever built. With an increased performance from 250 to 350 kW (476 hp). The overall battery size has been reduced with an increase in power. The 99X has also had a reduction in size and weight, featuring a shorter wheelbase and narrower track, this makes the vehicle more agile which results in better on-track performance.

With more than double the regenerative capability of the predecessor and a large majority of the vehicle is made from recycled carbon fibre from the Gen2, the intention behind the new Gen3 cars is to set new benchmarks in motorsport in terms of performance and sustainability.

Watch the launch video of the most powerful Porsche 99XElectric ever built here.