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Porsche tested Winter Wheel and Tyre Sets

Porsche tested Winter Wheel and Tyre Sets


The first snow and ice has arrived and to help our Porsche owners feel more confident through the coming months Porsche N-rated Winter tyres can offer that extra security when driving on the roads. 

Summer tyre rubber compounds can harden in temperatures of 7% and below which increases your braking distance up to 12%. Porsche Winter wheels and tyres have been specially created, tested, and approved for your specific Porsche model. Whether the surface is snow, ice, water, mud or leaves on the roads, the tyres meet the highest of standards for driving stability.

To browse the full range and 'virtually' see your Porsche with a different set of wheels and tyres please visit our Porsche Tequipment finder  www.porsche.com/accessories  .

Speak to our parts team about current availability in our 'Tyre Hotel' offering safe and secure storage for either set as the season's requirement.

For more information on winter tyres and general enquiries, contact our team on  0115 986 0911 or email info@porschenottingham.co.uk .