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Porsche Taycan Home Charging

Porsche Taycan Home Charging


Porsche Taycan Home Charging, simple, convenient, and intelligent. Discover the latest charging innovations from Porsche’s recommended partner Andersen.

The tethered Andersen 2 is the perfect accessory on the wall of any Porsche-owning home. With unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology to create a stylish and compact EV charging point. 

Perfectly modular, the design can be customised to complement your home, your style, your mood, and your Porsche. With 8 exquisite hand-sprayed exterior metal panels in stunning colours and 4 beautifully translucent wood shades to choose from.

Fully waterproof, durable, robust, and safe, the switching is industrial grade and the solid stainless-steel chassis is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Prior to taking delivery of your Porsche Taycan, Andersen can carry out a simple home check and explain the most suitable charging options for your home and lifestyle. They can do this over the phone or, if your requirements are more complex, an Andersen engineer will visit your home.

Please contact us on 0115 986 0911 or info@porschenottingham.co.uk for more information on the Taycan.