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What is the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition?

2017 marked 20 years since the iconic Porsche Boxster was first released, a car that changed the Porsche line up for the future. The launch of the Boxster 986 in 1997 was a turning point for Porsche, with the introduction of a mid-engined two-seater sports car at an affordable price. The Boxster (986) range has been a favourite of the public for many years thanks to the blend of performance, balance and handling.

To celebrate the anniversary, Porsche Centres from all over the UK sourced and restored their very own 986 Boxster S models. These Boxsters were not only restored but they were prepared to race standards, ready to complete in a dedicated Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition.

All restored vehicles featured bespoke livery, inspired by Porsche racing history, and each Centre nominated a member of the team to be the driver to compete at iconic circuits including Donington Park, Oulton Park, Brands Hatch and Silverstone. 


Our Boxster

Porsche Centre Nottingham’s restoracing journey began on 28 March 2017, when the chosen car arrived at the Centre as a part-exchange from a customer wishing to purchase a new Porsche.

The car is a 2001 Boxster 3.2, originally in Lapis Blue with five previous owners, a full service history with only 44,000 miles on the clock.

The restoration process

Stripped car

Back to basics

After finding the perfect vehicle, the first stage was to strip the entire car down to its bare shell. Every single part of the vehicle was taken off and marked ready for rebuild.

“We had to pay extra attention to where each nut, bolt, washer, gasket and component came from to make sure they were clearly marked for the rebuild” - Wayne Minogue, Porsche-trained Technician.

We were left with was the basic shell of the Boxster, ready to start the restoration process.

Car sprayed white

Meeting race standards and design

Once the car was fully stripped, the shell was sent to EMC Motorsport in Birmingham to have an FIA Approved role cage fitted and the mounting points for the FIA Approved six-point harness. They also supplied the correct parts to meet the MSA Standards. Including;
• Race seat
• Six-point harness
• Fire extinguisher kit with pull cord
• Battery cut off with pull cord

The car, complete with new added roll cage, was then sent to our Porsche Recommended Reparier and Bodyshop, Chartwells in Derby, to be painted in Carrera White. This colour would be the base to our chosen livery.

Completed engine

The rebuild

Robert Coterill, one of our Porsche-trained Technicians who has 30 years’ experience with the Porsche brand, carried out the engine work. All components of the engine were taken off, checked and cleaned before the process of rebuilding could begin.

To ensure the engine was working to the best of its ability during racing, all the bearings, gaskets, chains and tensioners were replaced.

Mick Barks, who has been working with Porsche for over 10 years, completely stripped the gearbox. No damage was found, so after the casings were shot blasted the gearbox was rebuilt. We also fitted a factory short shifter to help reduce gear change times while racing.

An M30 suspension kit which included a full set of struts and new antiroll bars were also fitted to the vehicle.


Race ready interior

Once we had an entire White exterior, complete with a roll bar and race ready engine, it was time to prepare the inside of the vehicle. The majority of the original components were not refitted. The dash and centre console were sent away to be flocked, which would stop glare on the windscreen from strong sunlight.

To meet MSA regulations, new seat mounts were made and an FIA Approved race seat was fitted, along with the six-point race harness. The fire extinguisher was fitted and routed, and a cut off for the battery was also fitted.

Race legend Derek Bell

Racing stripes

The most iconic livery Porsche has ever run was the Martini Racing design, so it only seemed right that this was chosen for our restoracing Boxster. The Martini stripes flow perfectly with the shape and lines of the vehicle and was sure to stand out against the other racing cars.

Finally, a race number was chosen, number 46. This wasn’t any random number but a number with great significance. In 1951, the number 46 was used on the first Porsche to compete in Le Mans 24 Hour race. A Porsche 356 driven by Auguste Veuillet and Edmond Mouche finished 20th overall and 2nd in their class.

Wayne Minogue

Get to know our driver - Wayne Minogue

Wayne is one of our Porsche-trained Technicians and has been working within the Porsche brand for six years. Wayne was an integral part in the restoration process, and put his skills and knowledge to the test with this project. After being put through rigorous training and testing at The Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, Wayne was chosen to be the dedicated driver. Wayne was tested on his speed, handling, reactions and overall racing ability. Wayne raced consistently throughout the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition and achieved sixth place overall.

  • Name: Wayne Minogue
  • Age:  32
  • Occupation: Porsche-trained Gold Technician
  • Years at Porsche Centre Nottingham: 4
  • Number of races: 5
  • Best finish position: 4th
  • Overall finish position: 6th
  • Best part about the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition: Transforming the Boxster into a race car and then being able to compete against other centres

2018 Porsche Classic Restoracing Awards


Best Mechanical Restoration

On Friday 12 October, the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition Awards Ceremony was held at Pennyhill Park Hotel in the beautiful countryside of Bagshot, Surry.

The ceremony, marking the end of the 2018 Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition, was an evening of dining, entertainment and awards attended by participating Porsche Centres and Recommended Repairers.

The Porsche Centre Nottingham Restoracing team, including our Porsche-trained Technicians, were extremely proud to accept the award for ‘Best Mechanical Restoration’ for all the hard work restoring the Boxster to race standards.

Following on from our success in the 2018 competition, Porsche Centre Nottingham are proud to announce we will be competiting again in the 2019 competition.